Ladies Ops 36 Program



The Ladies Academy at Meadowbrook Farms Golf Club uses the Operation 36 framework to structure the program. (See About Ops 36)It consists of Coaching, Playing, and training programs and is designed to teach golfers to play the game from the hole out perspective. 

Your Ops 36 Profile


Each golfer will be issued a profile in the Operations 36 Mobile App to track progress though a 6 level curriculum that is designed to set appropriate objectives and challenge each student towards shooting par or better (score of 36) for 9 holes.

Academy Classes


Golfers will learn the game in a weekly group class where coach Tony will progress students through a 6 level Operation 36 curriculm.



The Operation 36 Matches challenge golfers to shoot the score of 36 for 9 holes from 6 differant yardage divisions on the course.