Adult Summer Practice + Program

The Adult Practice Plus Program is a adult group class to improve your golf game by getting eight supervised practice sessions with one gloabal topic each week like Putting, Chipping, Full-swing and Full-swing Driver. If you want to improve evan more then we have the Practice + Plus program you can select which comes with four matches from differant disantces like 25yards  work back to the tee once Par 36 is achived on each level. If you would like to join this program please contact Coach Tony at 281-979-6522 or

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Junior Practice + Program

Starts Mar 25th - May 13th, 2020

The Junior Practice + Program is a basic Supervised Practice time for juniors to work on there golf skills supervised by Coach Tony. Each class will have a specific skill like grip, posture, alignment with putting, chipping, pitching or full-swing irons or woods. The program runs eight weeks and the cost is $300.00. If you need additional information please call or text Coach Tony @ 281-979-6522 or email

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